What Is True IT Agility? Find out with New SteelConnect 2.0

October 7, 2016 App-Defined Networking
steelconnect-component-diagram 150

Riverbed SteelConnect™ 2.0 just launched and is currently available for deployment, and the world is taking note. Riverbed’s revolutionary software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) offering disrupts legacy hardware-based approaches to branch networking with a software-defined and application-centric solution that delivers the agility, visibility, and performance that businesses need to succeed in today’s constantly changing, hyper-competitive marketplace. Ready […]

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Visibility for SteelConnect: Powered by SteelCentral

More and more enterprises are turning to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions — and network visibility is crucial for effective SD-WAN deployment and operation. If you’ve chosen Riverbed SteelConnect™ as your SD-WAN solution, or are thinking about it, there’s good news on that front. Ready to get started? Download your free trial of SteelConnect 2.0, the […]

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SteelFusion: Never Stateful — and That’s Its Magic

October 7, 2016 Software-Defined Edge

Riverbed has provided WAN optimization solutions for more than a decade, so we’ve become experts in understanding the challenges that customers face in remote and branch offices. And we know that many organizations, having seen the value that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions deliver in datacenters, are considering deploying them at the edge as well. But […]

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Beyond SLAs: Getting the Best Performance from Cloud Service Providers


Riverbed customers have always been able to keep an eye on the end user experience (EUE) through the application and network performance monitoring tools in the Riverbed SteelCentral™ suite. Last month, Riverbed closed its acquisition of Aternity, which extends SteelCentral with EUE monitoring of all applications running on physical, virtual, or mobile devices. Video: How […]

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Leave the Halloween Scares to Hollywood

It’s October, which means Halloween dominates retail stores’ shelves and movie theaters. A couple of popular horror films now playing, “Don’t Breathe” and the new version of “Blair Witch,” both follow the popular “found footage” template. The audience sees everything from the first-person perspective of the characters’ video cameras. The scares come as we’re watching […]

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Prepare Your E-Commerce Site for the Holidays Before the Leaves Fall from the Trees

The kids are back in classrooms, and that means another back-to-school shopping season is in the books. The early returns are favorable — sales were up compared to last year, including a huge jump in the percentage of those transactions made online. Of course, back-to-school is just a prelude to the chaos that is the […]

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SD-WAN Investments Can Translate into Tangible Cost Savings — Here’s How

September 12, 2016 App-Defined Networking
Our Experts Solve the Branch IT Problem—What They Found Can Save You Money

How can Riverbed SteelConnect™ for SD-WAN save you money? Well, for starters, it’s a unique solution that delivers software-defined control across a unified fabric that spans cloud networks, WANs, and branch LANs and WLANs. The intuitiveness, agility, and efficiency from the solution are no longer limited to a silo, which can transform the IT team […]

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Ditch the Datacenter, Customize the Edge: New, Flexible SteelFusion Deployment Options

September 12, 2016 Software-Defined Edge

How would more flexible deployment options for Riverbed SteelFusion™ affect your datacenter and ROBO locations? Read on to learn about two exciting announcements from Riverbed: Available now: SteelFusion can now integrate with IBM’s SoftLayer cloud offering. Consolidate edge data from ROBO locations directly to SoftLayer with SteelFusion Core running in SoftLayer. Coming soon: Virtual SteelFusion […]

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Riverbed and Aternity: Take a Deeper Dive with Trevor Matz

Trevor Matz Intel CEO Summit 150

Last month we examined Riverbed’s announced acquisition of user-experience monitoring powerhouse Aternity, which has been officially completed. This month we wanted to look closer at the nuts and bolts of Aternity’s award-winning technology. And what better way to do so than talking to Trevor Matz, Riverbed SVP Sales and Integration (previously, President and CEO at […]

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Riverbed Teams with Intel and BT to Deliver Cloud Acceleration as a Service

Intel and Riverbed - SaaS Acceleration 150

Today’s companies, big or small, need ready access to cloud-based performance acceleration. Luckily, that’s getting easier. A new white paper describes how Riverbed and Intel recently collaborated on a solution that enables telecom giant BT to offer cloud-based Riverbed SteelHead™ WAN optimization as a service to its millions of customers. Read on for highlights. Right-sized […]

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