How SteelCentral AppResponse 11 Combines the Best of APM and NPM


Waving your whole team onboard with a single troubleshooting tool helps save time and IT resources. That’s why newly redesigned Riverbed SteelCentral™ AppResponse 11 combines the capabilities of two packet capture solutions: SteelCentral AppResponse and SteelCentral NetShark. For the first time, this potent combination brings together network forensics and analytics, application analytics, and end-user experience […]

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Transitioning to Office 365? Here Are Your First, Second, and Third Steps

November 8, 2016 Application Delivery

Nine out of 10 enterprises are embracing a “cloud first” strategy to better adapt to changing business dynamics. The benefits are real: SaaS applications like Microsoft’s Office 365 deliver easy administration, predictable costs, and reduce migration risks. While the transition to cloud-based Office 365 brings its share of pitfalls, Riverbed can help. Challenges Here are […]

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Intelligent Path Analysis: Simple Troubleshooting for Tangled Unified Communications Problems


If your company uses IP-based voice and video conferencing, you probably use quality of service (QoS) packet marking to ensure that this traffic gets top priority, so calls and video chats run smoothly. But did you know that downstream routers sometimes re-mark those packets, giving them lower priority and turning those IP calls into gibberish […]

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Extending Hybrid Cloud to the Edge: Why SteelFusion Is the New Foundation You Need

November 8, 2016 Software-Defined Edge
cloud datacenter

Many large enterprises provision each of their edge or ROBO (remote office/branch office) locations with their own package of hardware and software, creating “mini-datacenters” as isolated islands of expensive, difficult-to-manage IT. It’s a jerry-rigged system that’s muddled along fine — for the moment. Are you getting the most value from your edge? Estimate ROBO cost-saving […]

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The DevOps Approach to Delivering Frequent, High-Quality Application Releases


We live in an application-driven world. Applications power businesses, provide connectivity, and help fulfill goals and customer needs. In a competitive world, needs evolve quickly as our users demand more features — all while expecting around-the-clock availability and reliability, whether they use smartphones, tablets, or computers. As IT folk — irrespective of whether we are […]

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What Is True IT Agility? Find out with New SteelConnect 2.0

October 7, 2016 App-Defined Networking
steelconnect-component-diagram 150

Riverbed SteelConnect™ 2.0 just launched and is currently available for deployment, and the world is taking note. Riverbed’s revolutionary software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) offering disrupts legacy hardware-based approaches to branch networking with a software-defined and application-centric solution that delivers the agility, visibility, and performance that businesses need to succeed in today’s constantly changing, hyper-competitive marketplace. Ready […]

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Visibility for SteelConnect: Powered by SteelCentral

More and more enterprises are turning to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions — and network visibility is crucial for effective SD-WAN deployment and operation. If you’ve chosen Riverbed SteelConnect™ as your SD-WAN solution, or are thinking about it, there’s good news on that front. Ready to get started? Download your free trial of SteelConnect 2.0, the […]

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SteelFusion: Never Stateful — and That’s Its Magic

October 7, 2016 Software-Defined Edge

Riverbed has provided WAN optimization solutions for more than a decade, so we’ve become experts in understanding the challenges that customers face in remote and branch offices. And we know that many organizations, having seen the value that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions deliver in datacenters, are considering deploying them at the edge as well. But […]

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Beyond SLAs: Getting the Best Performance from Cloud Service Providers


Riverbed customers have always been able to keep an eye on the end user experience (EUE) through the application and network performance monitoring tools in the Riverbed SteelCentral™ suite. Last month, Riverbed closed its acquisition of Aternity, which extends SteelCentral with EUE monitoring of all applications running on physical, virtual, or mobile devices. Video: How […]

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Leave the Halloween Scares to Hollywood

It’s October, which means Halloween dominates retail stores’ shelves and movie theaters. A couple of popular horror films now playing, “Don’t Breathe” and the new version of “Blair Witch,” both follow the popular “found footage” template. The audience sees everything from the first-person perspective of the characters’ video cameras. The scares come as we’re watching […]

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