Project: Use SteelHead for Branch Visibility and Troubleshooting

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Did you know that Riverbed SteelHead™ appliances have robust network troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities built-in? It’s true, and with that knowledge I’ll show you several little-known Riverbed best practices. By integrating your SteelHead appliances into your Network Performance Management (NPM) processes, you can dramatically improve your insight and reduce your Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) […]

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6 Hybrid Enterprise Myths, Busted


The hybrid enterprise is here. Advances in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS have changed how modern organizations deploy applications, store data, and manage networks. Add to that the fact that mobile devices let employees work from anywhere, any time, and the message is clear: IT will never be the same. But, as with any new phenomenon, misunderstandings […]

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Hot Trade-In Deal for SteelCentral NetShark!

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Now is the perfect time to add Riverbed SteelCentral™ appliances to your performance-management arsenal by trading in your NetScout gear, and here’s why: For a limited time, trade in your NetScout nGenius InfiniStream appliances and get two Riverbed SteelCentral™ NetShark packet-capture appliances of equal or larger size for the price of one* SteelCentral — which includes […]

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Performance Engineering: How to Make It Work for Your Hybrid Enterprise

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Unless you’re bucking the trend, you’re probably running a hybrid enterprise — a combination of on-premise and cloud-based applications traveling across a mix of public Internet and private MPLS connections. This means you’re managing some services you can’t completely control, which, in all likelihood, means you’re struggling to quantitatively define your end-user experience and response-time […]

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Intuit Solves Taxing Problem with System Availability Tools

Intuit Inc. develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. Although Intuit is best known for the TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks product lines, the company actually has 170 business units and 800 applications. As the company makes more of the applications available online, ensuring fast, flawless application performance over […]

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The SteelHead CX xx70 Paves the Way and Lightens the Load On Your Way to the Cloud

February 8, 2015 WAN Optimization

A recent 2015 cloud prediction by International Data Corp. (IDC) is that more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016, “vastly driving the rate and pace of change in IT organizations.” As Riverbed Director of Product Management Joshua Dobies told Riverbed Connections last month, the new SteelHead CX […]

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The New SteelHead. Built for the Hybrid Enterprise.

January 10, 2015 WAN Optimization

After driving the WAN optimization market for the past 10 years with industry-leading performance, Riverbed is putting the pedal to the metal with new SteelHead™ CX xx70 series appliances. Director of Product Management Joshua Dobies calls the new series “the best SteelHead ever built for the Hybrid Enterprise.” Three main features separate the new SteelHeads […]

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Seeing is Believing: How to Improve Business-Critical Visibility

Picture this. As Director of Network Operations, you lead a team of more than a dozen people who are responsible for managing the daily operations of a global 24x7x365 enterprise network, with a specific focus on delivering high availability (99.99+%) solutions. Your boss, who is VP of Infrastructure and Operations, wants you to make better use […]

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